Review: “Keep in Touch” – Tory Lanez ft. Bryson Tiller

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“Keep in Touch” sounds like a song that didn’t make Chris Brown’s latest 40-track album… it’s that forgettable. Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller have both done better, but maybe their strengths lie in being featured with a more heavyweight artist. #issaflop


“Music To My Ears” – Keys N Krates ft. Tory Lanez

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We’ve heard this song before, but not really because it was just released, but we’ve heard it before.  It’s like if Pretty Lights tried to be an urban boyband.  This is one of those songs about how arguing sucks and smashing is fun, and we can get behind (or in front) of that. All of these boys are from Canada so we’re not sure where this sweaty island inspo is coming from but we love it. We also love that this song only takes 30 seconds to get to the hook. #issabop


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