“FRIENDS” – Marshmello ft. Anne-Marie

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“Friends” is one Quavo feature away from being like all the other DJ produced pop songs right now. Didn’t Bloodpop just release a song called “Friends” with Justin Bieber? Anne-Marie delivers a solid 90’s inspired top-line and Marshmello keeps it simple on this boppy party anthem. This is a good song to share with that special someone when you want to friend-zone them. #issabop

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” We Are…” – Noah Cyrus ft. MØ

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Sounds like a washed-out drum machine fell down an empty well and Noah Cyrus and MØ were already down there singing. A catchy, happy accident. Don’t rescue them. Send down some bread and water and let them record some more. This bubbly pop song reminds us of an Icona Pop / Charlie XCX song with lots of gang-vocals. An attempt to have that “young wild & free” vibe. #issabop


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“14U+14ME” – The Presets

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This song is so egalitarian. We all deserve equal rights. We all deserve equal opportunities. The opening makes you feel like Ryan Gosling in “Drive.” Sexy, lawless and sociopathic, about to make a bad decision because you think it’s a good one. We want more hard-electro in our pop songs. We’re so over tropical house. We’re hardcore now. #issabop


“Overdose” – grandson

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We’re in the gym. We’re in the car. We listen to this song everywhere. Some people might say that this song is mundane Twenty-One Pilots type stuff. But grandson takes goth-rap to the mainstream in a way no one else has. Also “grandson” may be one of the more relatable artist names we’ve heard in a while. #issabop


“Mulholland” – Skizzy Mars

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We are huge fans of Skizzy Mars. But we’re not totally blown away by this one. It’s okay, not great. We like the lyrics. If you’re looking for a good song about Mulholland Drive this is it. We love you L.A. #issabop


“MOVE” – Jesse Saint John

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We are living for the new Jesse Saint John single. By calling this track “MOVE,” Jesse is clearly saying “move out the way bitch I’m coming through!” We weren’t sure at first listen, but now we are definitely feeling this. If you heard this in spin class you wouldn’t be mad. (But why are you in spin class? Is it 2008?) #issabop


“2 Da Moon” – Towkio ft. Teddy Jackson & Grace Weber

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We instantly thought of Kaytranada when we heard this. Sources say Towkio is the next big thing in rap which is why Rick Rubin signed him to American Records. This comes out the box with plenty of fun, like when your friend arrives at the party and she’s already drunk. The party was kind of boring anyway, and thank God they showed up! Grace Weber’s soulful voice elevates the song at just the right moment. #issabop

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“Let’s Not Pretend” – snny

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Songs that start with two fingers on a synth have a real mystery to them. “Where is this gonna go, you think?” Well, this one goes to a place of total synths and boomy drum programming with breathy, confessional vocals. It kind of puts you in the mind of Robert DeLong. This one is just a little too Portlandia for us. #issaflop


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