“Mirrors” – 070 Shake

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We are really running out of band names in this day and age! This song is interesting. It’s kind of genderless sounding…kind of amorphous and slinky in a pleasing way. Which bathroom would this song use? Who knows, and that’s exciting. #issabop


“Your Side Of The Bed” – Loote

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Emma Block’s career began by writing jingles for commercials and children’s television networks. In college, she met Jackson Foote in a writing class, and the two began writing songs together. If we had to guess their main influences: Jewel, Lisa Loeb, Selena Gomez. Which might not sound promising, but it’s real catchy. #issabop


“To The Moon” – KYLE

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KYLE’s ok. He’s kind of like La Croix. Some people like him a lot, even though he really doesn’t taste that great. If he’s around and you’re in the mood, you’ll have some. #issaight


“Pink Lemonade” – James Bay

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 4.08.10 PM

Sounds like James Bay has been listening to Spoon, and you can’t hate on that. This song is solid. More like James BAE, amirite? We also love Pink Lemonade. Totally better than regular lemonade. #issabop


“Much About Sadness” – Brett Castro

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 4.08.02 PM

Brett Castro’s falsetto reminds us of The Bee Gees, which we like. But this song is def skippable. It kinda sounds like that “Ya had a bad day” thing they would play for the losers on “American Idol.” (Idol 1.0) #issaflop


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