Venice Songstress Evalyn Reimagines the Seven Deadly Sins on Second EP “Salvation”

Evalyn has ignited the pop-EDM scene with her hauntingly seductive vocals since she penned and performed Louis the Child’s breakout single “Fire” in 2016. But what has set Evalyn apart from the pack of so many one-hit feature vocalists is her laser-like focus to meticulously craft her own identity along the way.

Inspired by finding her freedom on the West Coast, the Venice-based artist breathes in its roots, reveling in a deep obsession with early Los Angeles counter-culture.

“I am a worshipper of the West Coast because of what it embodies for people like me who are dreamers and don’t want to live in a rigid societal lifestyle. Here you have the ability to find yourself and create yourself.”

Evalyn’s debut EP “Sandcastles,” led by the FINNEAS produced single “Filthy Rich,” set the tone for her independent work — dark, honest and unashamed, yet still leaned sonically toward attracting editorial playlists and streaming algorithms. Having also spent several years pitching songs to other artists, Evalyn felt the urge to create a conceptual project that could stand on its own as a timeless, independent body of work.

So for six months, she locked herself away with producer Nicopop, drawing inspiration from Los Angeles cults of the 1970s and real life experiences, from reckless nights to reckless love, crafting lyrics and soundscapes that embodied her unfiltered truth. The result, aptly titled, was “Salvation.”

An ode to embracing internal conflict, human nature and her own shortcomings, each track on the album was inspired by one of the seven deadly sins. She embodies lust on “Santa Monica.”

“I like lust, I think it’s such a sexy sin. I never really write love songs but it was my sexy jam on the album.”

Another standout “Creme de la Creme” represents gluttony, an anthem for not being afraid of her own desires.

“To embrace everything you want and everything you are and then strip that down into a fearless, fun kind of song is really empowering.”

The 8-track EP (seven sins and one deadly interlude) is lush and ethereal, driven by deep electric guitars and heavy drums that feel like the heartbeat of the city itself. Evalyn’s vocal mystically meets aggression at vulnerability, with lyrics about being young, taking big risks and paying the consequences.

And sticking to her guns has paid off. Not only has Evalyn become an integral voice in the Venice alt-indie movement, major acts have taken notice. Most recently Tritonal tapped the songstress for their latest release “Real Life.”

“I think ‘Salvation’ gave me a gravitas, a boldness to pursue the things that I love. And writing for bands I love and believe in. Being weird and artistic, but also bringing that to a bigger audience, that’s where some real magic happens.”

-Josh Wood, Editor


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