“Chun-Li” – Nicki Minaj

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 4.55.49 PM.png

If the rap community has “painted Nicki out to be the bad guy,” most of us didn’t know it until she dropped “Chun-Li.” Apparently, a very low-stakes beef war with America’s darling Cardi B hurt her feelings and Nicki enlists Street Fighter’s first female character for her buzz single to confront the drama. We say “Who cares?” But, Nicki, if you’ve got something to get off your chest, go for it. The beat doesn’t come close to her 2017 feature bangers “Rake It Up” or “Swalla,” and her flow doesn’t hit nearly as hard. Maybe she forgets sometimes that she is a bonafide pop star — played the Super Bowl with Madonna, judged American Idol, leads the list of females with the most Hot 100 appearances. Nicki, you are a legend — stay above it. #issaight


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