Deaton Chris Anthony – RACECAR feat. Clairo, Coco, Clair Clair

So you’re telling me.. THIS is how the girls turn up?! Then imma stick with the girls. 😍


The queen dropped the second half of her spooky album and we need to taco bout it 🌮…. Is it better than the first half, released last year? Nope! But all the hype leading up to this album paid off. Every gay we know has been jizzing themselves since this dropped on Tuesday. Twilight zone, vampires, zombies…the aptly titled Turn Off The Light is ALL mood and holiday spirit. We needed more songs to add to our ‘Haunted Sex Party’ playlist, and you delivered, bb! A sexy sexy tour de force of a sexy young starlet. Our favorite is “Death by Sex.” We can’t wait for the show at The Shrine on October 30th. #issabop


“Zoning” – The Bloody Beetroots & Zhu

It’s fall in southern California. The temperature has gone down to an autumn like 90° and the leaves are finally changing colors……because they are on fire. The perfect time for a new release from The Bloody Beetroots and Zhu. We’ve been waiting for an actual big festival banger from this crew for awhile and this is the perfect way to battle those end of summer feels. #issabop


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